Financial Assistance

The NSW JOCKEYS TRUST can provide financial assistance for current and former NSW and ACT jockeys and their families who are in necessitous circumstances (financial hardship).

Financial assistance may be provided to help with:

  • medical and hospital costs;
  • weekly living expenses (eg. rent/mortgage payments, electricity and telephone bills);
  • carer fees;
  • mobility aids and home or vehicle modifications;
  • funeral expenses;
  • travel and accommodation to attend medical treatment;
  • dependants’ needs (eg. school fees and uniforms). 

The level of financial support which is provided by the NSW JOCKEYS TRUST is determined on an individual case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the Trustees.

Referrals to Other Services

Where the NSW JOCKEYS TRUST provides supplementary income support to assist with living expenses, the intention is to provide interim relief from financial hardship and to assist the jockey or his/her family to identify longer-term solutions.

This might include:

  • referring the jockey to services offered by the Racing NSW Jockey Benefit Scheme:
  • the JBS Discretionary Fund – for career counselling, skills training and/or business startup assistance;
  • the Jockeys Assistance Program counselling service - for help with matters such as drug & alcohol problems, depression and other mental health issues, job stress and relationship matters;
  • helping with communication with banks, Government Departments and creditors;
  • referral to financial planning and legal services.